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I'ts Time To Forget The Word: !

The (undetectable) Radar !

This is the only packet-based cheat for Escape From Tarkov & Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds,  and this is the only cheat that will never get you caught !

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These are the games for which we offer cheat products!

Main Features

After years of experience, our team is specialized in certain properties.

Premium Cheats

The products we offer are specially chosen by our staff. We test all products before putting them on sale and only work with verified cheat providers.

Developer Team

Our products are developed by Professional Game Developers who have been developing cheats for years. Some of these worked at well-known Anticheat companies such as Battleye and Xenuine.

100% Undetected

Our Radar runs on a Different PC or Inside a VM so it is Impossible for Anti-Cheats to Detect it.

Privacy & Reliability

We have many famous Game Streamers who would like to stay private, we take this very seriously. We show understanding for this and will guarantee privacy.

24/7 Whatsapp

We have a WhatsApp customer service line. You can always use this for questions and purchases.

Setup Service

We offer Professional Setup Service. If you want it, one of our technical support members remotely connect your computer and install the cheat.

Cooperation Partners

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