About Us.

We knew beforehand that we would improve the cheat business.

Our Story

After more than 10 years of using cheats, working with different developers and resellers, we have decided to become the best provider of the world with only the best products and developers. In the 10 years, we objectively inspected how cheat providers achieved success or went bankrupt. We know what to expect and have formed a strong and highly motivated team.
Usually as cheaters we first think about the price and only then the quality of the cheat. This is not always the right way. A cheap product usually means that the Bypass can be found somewhere online, This ensures that Anticheat companies such as Battleye will soon be using a ban hammer which will make you lose your Main account and also get an HWID ban so you can never play the game again on your device. That is why it is wise to prioritize not the price, but the quality first.

“I am not rich enough to buy cheap cheats.”

– Haan070








Our Golden Cheat: The Radar

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Cooperation Companies

We work with a few recognized companies.