Escape From Tarkov Radar – 1 Day Access (Bitcoin)


Are you tired of getting banned in EFT ? Last “Undetected” hack got you banned ? We got the solution for you. Don’t waste your money on hacks that will get you banned. Battleye can not detect something that doesn’t run on the same computer.

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1 Day Access of the Escape From Tarkov Radar – 

This is the only packet-based EFT Radar you can buy.

Only AltF4cheats (by can offer you a truly undetectable RADAR for Escape from Tarkov. Our Network-Based RADAR for EFT cannot be detected because it doesn’t run on the same machine as the game runs.

This is 100% SAFE!
Working & UNDETECTED Since Launch!


  • 2nd PC (Radar pc) with Windows 10 64 bit  (Laptop, Computer, Mac with Parallels) (If you don’t have a 2nd PC, you can create easy a Virtual 2nd pc. Only Hyper-V virtual Machine is functional . BE disallows the other VM’s during the game)


Our RADAR utilizes Npcap to read the packet-stream between the game and its servers. So the machine it is running on must be able to receive the game packets.



·         Shows all players.(SCAV , SCAVPlayer , PMCplayer)

·         Hotkeys to toggle showing loot.

·         Hotkeys to zoom in/out.

·         Can not be detected when running on a different PC. Play with confidence!

·         Range Tags for players incl.

·         Distance And Height-difference shown.

·         Aiming lines to easily locate players.

·         Overhead as well as chase view with sight tracking to see where you are aiming.

·         Shows enemy aiming lines when aiming at you.

·         3D Maps

·         Fully Customized ItemFilter Groups And Search bar – For easy loot tracking

·         Aimview/Xray (easy headshots)


note: Easy setup with the Big Guide or we can set it up for you (small fee).


For any kind of support/questions: Join our Discord channel or send a Whatsapp message !