PUBG Radar – Infinite Access (Bitcoin)


Are you tired of getting banned in PUBG ? Last “Undetected” hack got you banned ? We got the solution for you. Don’t waste your money on hacks that will get you banned. Battleye can not detect something that doesn’t run on the same computer.


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Infinite Access of the PUBG Radar – 

This is the only packet-based PUBG Radar you can buy.

Only AltF4cheats (by Damncheaters) can offer you a truly undetectable RADAR for Pubg. Our Network-Based RADAR for PUBG cannot be detected because it doesn’t run on the same machine as the game runs.

This is 100% SAFE!
Working & UNDETECTED Since Launch!


  • 2nd PC (Radar pc) with Windows 10 64 bit  (Laptop, Computer, Mac with Parallels (If you don’t have a 2nd PC, you can create easy a Virtual 2nd pc. Only Hyper-V virtual Machine is functional . BE disallows the other VM’s during the game)
  • If you are PS4 or XBOX user: Ethernet cable for connecting the Radar PC and Ps4/XBOX.

Our RADAR utilizes Npcap to read the packet-stream between the game and its servers. So the machine it is running on must be able to receive the game packets.



[+] Shows all players.
[+] Shows weapons/armor/items.
[+] Shows drop location of care packages.
[+] Shows all vehicles.
[+] Hotkeys to toggle showing loot.
[+] Hotkeys to zoom in/out.
[+] Shows Player Health
[+] Aimview/Xray (easy headshots)
[+] Can not be detected when running on a different PC. Play with confidence!
[+] Range Tags for players incl. Height-difference shown.
[+] Aiming lines to easily locate players.
[+] Set 4 custom groups to show different items with the click of a button.
[+] Custom name items for easy identification.
[+] Overhead as well as chase view with sight tracking to see where you are aiming.
[+] Shows circles
[+] Shows Red Zones
[+] Shows enemy aiming lines when aiming at you.
[+] Automatic Team colors.
[+] Shows Player names

note: Easy setup with the Big Guide or we can set it up for you (small fee).


For any kind of support/questions: Join our Discord channel or send a Whatsapp message !




Click here to see our (old) Promo Video (PUBG Corp is removing our new video’s……)


Here another video of our PUBG radar….. This one is also old. (Our Radar is at the moment improved and with more options!)